Front, Middle or Back?

I attended the annual autumn seminar organised by the Delphi user group in Gothenburg, Sweden. We where twenty four enthusiastic Delphi hackers networking and sharing ideas about development. I was invited to talk about the Roadmap of DevCo’s products and listen to feedback.

BalderWe ended the day by visiting the amusement park Liseberg. They have a cool rollercoaster built in wood called Balder and I tried to empirical find out where it is best to sit. “Different forces operate on the front and the back of the train and the ride in the front is distinctly different from the back. … The train is slowing down as the train begins to climb over the top of the hill, and speeding up again as it starts to descend again. Thus, if there is any airtime to be had before the top of the hill, it will be best in the front, as that is the part of the train moving fastest there, but airtime after the top of a hill will be best in the back. Thus, depending on the configuration of hills on a coaster, it may a better front seat ride or back seat ride.” For this rollercoaster I think the front seat is best. 🙂

Hallvard Vassbotn, one of the Delphi Gurus in Norway, is bloging about community meetings in Oslo. He is also writing a lot of intresting things about what’s new in the language since Delphi 7.

One of the messages I bring back from the users at the Gothenburg meeting to DevCo is not to loose focus on native development. Win32 development is still very important.
– Make it future proof with Win64 compiler, Unicode support and Avalon (WPF) for VCL and bring back Delphi.NET language improvements to the native compiler.

Next community meeting in the Nordic region is in Stockholm in 10 days: