Friday – Finally! (And how to butify your Pascal)

I have been teaching Delphi in Linkoping, Sweden this week. Even if you know your topic it requires constant concentration and it is exhausting but fun.

This week, a colleague of mine attended the Java User Group meetings in Stockholm and Gothenburg (together with 350 Java developers) and talked about JBuilder 2007. Most seem to have the understanding that we have been knocked-out but are happy to see us up and running again with new innovations in the Java area and a good well founded support for our Eclipse strategy. All developers that we have spoken to are courious about JB2007 and most understand the needs we address in the product and they way we are doing it. All find Eclipse to be a hassle to configure but really appreciate the open api’s and flexibility, from that perspective all buy into what we are doing with JBuilder.

It is nice to have a company name again and at December 13th we (the eight CodeGear guys in Stockholm) move to our new office in Solna Business Park.

There are a lot of Delphi activities in Scandinavia the following weeks.

Delphi Migration Seminar and Workshop

For Delphi developers that want help to upgrade their projects from Delphi 5, 6, 7 to Delphi 2006 or want to learn more about what they have to do to adapt their applications to Windows Vista.

Copenhagen, December 7th

Gothenburg, December 8th

Helsinki, December 11th

Stockholm, December 12th

Delphi Day in Oslo

There are also plans for a one day seminar in Oslo at December 15th. More details are coming about this…

Have a look at Jedi Code Format

A very useful little tool if you are running into a project that has all text in uppercase and no indenting. I love it! I just had to tell you about it if you missed it.