Delphi 2006 on Vista

I promised Magnus who is one of the organizers of the Delphi User Group in Gothenburg to promote the Swedish Delphi IRC channel. Just start IRC when you come to work and have the channel open and your Swedish Delphi peers are only a few clicks away… I guess our Scandinavian friends are welcome to 😉

To use IRC you need a client just like your browser and the most popular client is mIRC (download). It is shareware but there are others that are free, just google around a little…

There are many, many different irc networks so you need to connect to Quakenet when your client is installed and join the channel #delphi.nordic

Delphi 2006 and Windows Vista

I reinstalled the RTM version of Windows Vista a few days ago. Delphi 2006 is running fine on the my new operating system even if there where some quirks during the install. I thought I should mention them here if you too run into them. The installer issues appear to be related to the fact that Windows Vista has a new version of msiexec that behaves slightly different. If you google this topic you might find a few references on the net that Delphi does not install at all on Vista but that only applies to Vista Release Candidate 2, that had a defect in the installer.

Bootstrap – Before you can install you have to install a few Microsoft components. All of them installs fine except SP1 for dot net 1.1. You will get a big dialogue with all msi command line options. Before you hit OK manually start the installation of SP1 from you CD by double clicking on XXX. When installation is complete, reboot you computer. When it restarts there will be a warning in your system tray that a program is blocked. Right click on the icon and select run blocked program from the popup menu.

Delphi Update 2 – The msi package with update 2 does not find the installation if you double click on it. You have to click on the Windows Start button, type cmd, right click on the Cmd Short cut and select run as administrator. From the console windows follow the instructions in the readme file for msi version 3.