Small Celebration

We rewarded us with a small celebration today at the office in Stockholm. The count of Delphi 2006 licenses sold in the Nordic countries (that is Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland) passed the count of Delphi 7 licenses. And No, we are not cheating and counting the free Turbo products.

The following days are going to be busy for me. I’m doing a Delphi Migration seminar in Denmark on Thursday, Gothenburg on Friday, Helsinki on Monday and Stockholm on Tuesday. The goal with the seminar and workshop is to help Delphi developers that wants to upgrade their projects from Delphi 5,6,7 to Delphi 2006 or want to learn more about what they have to do to adapt their application to Windows Vista. All events are fully booked except in Helsinki where there are a few seats left.