Delphi Launch in Stockholm

launchstockholm.jpgMe and Jason Vokes did the first Delphi 2007 for Win32 Launch Event in Stockholm yesterday with almost 100 attendees. It was my first but hopefully not last CodeGear Launch and it was fun to talk in public about the new consolidated Database stack that DBX4 brings and the Windows Vista support in Delphi 2007.

If you live in the Stockholm are, do not miss the next Delphi User Group event at 15th March. I will talk more in depth about migration to Windows Vista there and Jonas Rapp from Cybercom Group will talk about how they automated their build process and improved their product. He will also talk about their process for localization.

Talking about Windows Vista we had a small incident yesterday. I have problems with my Video drivers on my lap-top when I run Vista. It is strange, I always get a nice picture on the projector when I run Windows XP but with Vista (and same hardware) my image flickers or does not display at all. This is the second lap-top where I experienced the same problem so in the future I will triple check that the Projector works and have an extra machine with me. Anyone else that have experience the same problem and maybe have a solution for the flickering?

Finally, I happens to like my PlayStation and I’m eagerly waiting for my PS3. One of the games I like is Dancing Stage Max but I think I never will be as good as this kid.