Migrate an old Kylix project to Delphi 2007

I got a question today how to migrate an old Kylix project to Delphi 2007 and here is what I answered.

None of our current products support the CLX-framework any more for legal reasons (CodeGear does not have a license from Trolltech on Qt library).

It is possible to manually convert a Kylix project to an ordinary Delphi project very easily, though.

Here is a simplified description of the approach:

  • You need to rename the units in the uses clause in all pas-files. Usually you only need to remove the Q infront of the unit name.
  • For forms you need to change the extension of the xfm file to dfm. Change the $R directive in the pas-file to include the dfm file instead.
  • Properties should be 99% compatible with current version. Open each converted form in Delphi to verify this. If there is any problem, click ignore and make a note so you can investigate if it demands any adjustments.

If you have more tips and trix, drop a comment.