Things noticed last week


EPiServer CMS (5.1.422) has some issues with Export and Import I had to work around. If you notice that your XForms does not import as they should the only way to recover those pages is to go into the database and clear the guid in the string column in the tblWorkProperty table. How to find the interesting rows in the tblWorkProperty table? Use the PageDefinitionID! You can find the ID in the tblPageDefinition table where all your properties for page types are defined. The reason it fails so fatally is because you have a GUID reference to an serialized object that should exist in the tblItem table but something goes wrong during import and you end up with broken references in the database.


If you have globalization turned on and use the <siteHosts>tag to define several domains you might notice that EPiServer sometimes returns the wrong language. Something is broken in the FriendlyUrlRewriteProviderand you must patch your web.config to get it working:

<add name="EPiServerFriendlyUrlRewriteProvider" type="EPiServer.Web.FriendlyUrlRewriteProvider,EPiServer" friendlyUrlCacheAbsoluteExpiration="0:0:0" />

Not good for performance but it works until next release of EPiServer 🙂


Do not try to use aspnet_compile (or indirectly through Web Deployment Projects) on your EPiServer site because screws up how VirtualPathProviders work and EPiServer does not support it in this release. But DO use it to validate that your code in aspx files is compilable in your build scripts. You might have to delete some of EPiServers code in-front files because their back-end classes are no longer included (i.e. Util/ExplorerTreeBranch.aspx, Admin/Languages.aspx and Edit/SidBrowse.aspx)


Araxis Merge appears to be an excellent compare and merge utility. What is you favourite tool?

WebSitePulse is an easy but powerful tool to monitor that your site is working as it should. It can send SMS to tell you when something is not working and provide you with up-time statistics.