Properties with Special Functionality in EPiServer

In addition to the build-in properties on EPiServer pages there are some additional user defined properties that have a special function from EPiServers point of view. As a beginner to EPiServer it is easy to miss this so after teaching new developers this week I thought I should hunt the down and make a list.

The property can either be defined directly on a page type or as a dynamic property so the value it can be inherited in a branch of the page tree. It is possible to both define properties as a dynamic and on page types. In this case the value on the page is used first.

Context Property name Description
XHtml Editor,
XForms Editor
UIEditorCssPaths Comma separated list of css-files that is used in the xhtml editor. Each path should start with ~ to be relative to the application root. If there is no value set on the page or in a dynamic property it falls back to a setting on the siteSettings tag in web.config.The editor and some of it’s supporting dialogs is using the css-files to populates the class drop down list. EPiServer has a parser in javascript that looks for a special attribute ‘EditMenuName’ that is used as the human readable name for a style.
PageTemplateContainer PreviewText MainIntro, MainBody The PreviewText function is used to get a short description of the text. It takes the value from MainIntro and falls back to MainBody if it is blank. All html tags in MainBody is removed and only the first 400 characters is used.(PreviewText is using a regular expression to trim html tags and this can take some time if all pages in a long listing is missing MainIntro. Worth considering if you have performance issues with a listing.)
SubscriptionMail MainIntro, MainBody Properties expected on each page that should be subscribeable. MainInto and MainBody is used when generating the e-mail.
SubscriptionMail EPSUBSCRIBE-EXCLUDE, EPSUBSCRIBEHIDDEN, EPSUBSCRIBE EPSUBSCRIBE, EPSUBSCRIBEHIDDEN and EPSUBSCRIBE-EXCLUDE is used in diffrent parts of the Subscription mail mechanism and I have to write another blog post about the exact function of them.
SubscriptionDataSource EPSUBSCRIBE-ROOT Defines the startpage for SubscriptionDataSoruce.
SubscriptionMail MailReadMore, MailSubject, MailFrom Properties expected to be present on the subscription page that controls the sent message.
Calendar ValidDays, EventStartDate,
The Calendar WebControl can create a list of all events between two dates. Event pages must have EventStartDate and EventStopDate to be included. ValidDays are optional but can be used to filter on which days a recurring event should be listed.
XForms DefaultFormFolder This is usually a dynamic property used to make life simpler for editors. You can organise your XForms into folders and if this property exists it will open the XForms editor with the folder matching the value as select.
SearchDataSource PageRank, IconPath, MainIntro This is read-only properties on the pages returned by a SearchDataSource.If you enable search in files temporary PageData objets are created for files that includes PageName for filename, PageChanged for when the file was uploaded and PageLinkUrl for the link to the file.
SiteMapProvider PageSiteMapProvider Used to get a SiteMapProvider from a Page. The name should match a SiteMapProvider defined in web.config.
OfficeIntegration IsDocumentPageType Controls if the client application should upload a copy of the original document. This will also be sent to the convert scripts that will skip building a rich HTML version if this property has not been set.
OfficeIntegration DocumentInternalPath If the IsDocumentPageType is set, this property will contain the path to the uploaded source document.
OfficeIntegration DocumentInternalHtmlPath If the IsDocumentPageType is set, this property will contain the path to the starting point for the rich HTML version.
OfficeIntegration DocumentExternalPath The path to the location of the source document may be used, for example, by other editors to see which document was used to publish this page.
OfficeIntegration AllowDocumentUpdate Controls if the client application should add properties to the word document so that the user can republish the document.

This list does not include properties used by the public templates. I’m pretty sure I missed some properties so please, write a comment if you know of anyone I missed!