Tip of the day: Simplify Testing of Registration

Many of us have implemented registration procedures both in generic ASP.NET sites and also in EPiServer.

One of the more annoying things when you as a developer or tester works with the registration procedure and have to test email activation. It usually requires an unique email address every time. After a short while you have used you work and private email addresses and have to either create a bunch of aliases or delete existing accounts so you can retest…

Endless supply of email addresses

user1@dodgit.com, user2@dodgit.com, user3@dodgit.com, …

To the rescue comes a few services with free disposable read-only email addresses. They are mainly designed for avoiding getting spam when you have to register somewhere on Internet but can also be used to get an infinite number of email addresses!

Try Mailinator or Dodgeit. The later is my favourite because of it’s minimalistic interface.