Export from EPiServer CMS 4

As you probably know EPiServer CMS 5 does not encrypt the export packages like version 4 did. You can open them easily and look inside by changing the extension to zip.

The export packages from EPiServer 4 is encrypted and sometimes when you try to import them in EPiServer 5 you get the most strange and non helping exception (like NullReferenceException). I had this problem and the only solution I could find was to crack the encryption of the export package so I could look inside and find the error.

Download the EPiServer 4 Export Package Decryption Tool

imageIf you have the same problem you can use the Decryption tool for EPiServer 4 Export Packages that I created.

The tool takes to parameters. The first should be the encrypted export package file. The second should be a non-existing filename ending with “.zip”.