Installation of EPiServer components

imageIn a larger organization it can be cumbersome to explain for the editors how to install the EPiServer ActiveX controls that provides you with some extended functionality.

Security restrictions can also be a problem for ActiveX controls. So why bother? Well you will miss the following functionality:

  • Spell checker, Microsoft Office Support
    A component that enables the Editor to use Microsoft Word spell checker.
  • Export to Excel, Microsoft Office Support
    A component that can export xForms data to Microsoft Excel.
  • Advanced File Upload
    A component that enables support for advanced file upload, for example drag-and-drop and multiple file upload.

Installation from your Browser

imageClick the Install-button on the Components tab on the Root/Welcome-page to install manually.

Automate installation or workaround security problems

Extract the DLL files inside the cab file to the client computer:
\<UI folder>\activex\

Run the following command to install:
regsvr32.exe EPiFileUpload.dll
regsvr32.exe EPiOfficeIntegration.dll

Creating a script or small msi package that automates the installation is not very complicated and saves the editors the task to install this themselves. Remember that Advanced File Upload will also require a permission for function to be setup in admin mode.

EPiServer Office Integration

You can use episerverofficeaddin.msi, in the same folder, to get the Office Integration installed. I have had problem with upgrading so I always uninstall existing version first and then reinstall the latest version.

This tool can be very powerful if used right. Read the Tech Note on Microsoft Office Integration before you try to use it. It will require changes to web.config  before you can test it.