#1: Hidden Gems of EPiServer CMS R2

GemstonesThe next release of EPiServer called R2 is not far away. Roger Wirz have written more about the major features in the R2 release at EPiServer World.

I would like to share some of the smaller improvements I have found during my work with the upcoming release. Everything looks very promising!

EPiServer GUI deleted

In previous release EPiServer filled the web folder with files needed for EPiServer’s own user interface. We had hundreds of files in UI, Util, App_Themes/Default and WebServices that we needed to take care.


EPiServer CMS R2 uses the Virtual Path Provider to mount a a virtual file system for these folders instead. This simplifies version control and deployment!

    <add name="Util" 
         type="...VirtualPathNonUnifiedProvider..." />

This new way to map a folder into your web application is provided by the new class VirtualPathNonUnifiedProvider.