#2: Hidden Gems of EPiServer CMS R2

Friendly URL Rewrite works with AJAX UpdatePanel

Finally! The new UpdatePanelPostBackRewritePipe class will take care of rewrite of all URL’s in an UpdatePanel. No need for manual conversion of links or dirty workarounds when using AJAX.

New – PropertyLinkCollection


Built in support for link collections that makes it possible to build lists without using pages or a custom component.

The data is stored as a xhtml string where each link is an a-tag. You you display it with EPiServer Property Control it is rendered as a ul/li-list.


It is now possible to call GetPageLanguage() on a page to get other language version. Only a shortcut to the data factory but very convenient. You can also get a list of PageLanguages.

The PageGuid is exposed as a new property on a the page.

SearchDataSource will always call CreateWriteableClone() on a page because it adds properties like PageRank. Since you can not access Dynamic Properties on a cloned page without workaround there is a new method PopulateDynamicProperties() on the page that adds them locally.