How to become a EPiServer Ceritified Developer

I would like to congratulate Mikael Lundin to becoming a Certified EPiServer Developer. He writes about this experience in his blog with some tips about what you should study. I would like to complement what he has written with some of the tips I give to my students who are going to take the certification.

About the EPiServer Certification

You have two hours to complete around 70 multiple choice questions. You can skip a question during exam and go back to it later but you can not change answered questions.  To pass, you need answer correct on 60% of the questions.

My tips for passing the test

Preparing yourself is a must because the the goal of the test is to separate those who have worked with EPiServer from those who have not. But working with EPiServer is not enough, you must also have a good understanding of all features availible in EPiServer, even those you have not used…

  • Do develop with EPiServer for a while before you take the test. I do not think many have passed the certification directly after completing the basic developer training.
  • Do check EPiServer’s list of Knowledge Areas you are going to be tested on.
  • Do read the Editors and Administrators manual. As a developer you are supposed to know how to use the product from an end users perspective.
  • EPiServer Developers knows to little about Deployment in general. Make sure that you undrestand how to configure EPiServer. Do you know how Mirroring works or Enterprise features like multi-homed sites and load balancing is configured?
  • Do read all the Tech Notes for the latest EPiServer CMS release. You need to have a basic understanding about all features in EPiServer.
  • Do read through the pages in the Developers Guide part of EPiServer SDK, too. Personally I do not understand why they put some pages in the SDK and some as Tech Notes. It is high and low in both places and you must at least browse through it all…
  • Do not try to read through the whole Framework Reference. You could look on a few key classes like: PageBase, UserControlBase, TemplatePage, IPageSource, PageData, PageReference, DataFactory, PropertyData and PropertyDataControl. And also make sure you know your EPiServer Web Controls.

Many questions is on a very detailed level and I must say that I have heard a lot of complaints that the test is too hard. You have to make qualified guesses. I had to do a lot of qualified guessing myself , and I’m an EPiServer teacher and have turned EPiServer inside out with Roeders Reflector!

Remeber, you do not have to get 100% to pass and if you follow the tips above I’m sure you too will be a Certified EPiServer Developer…