More small things in EPiServer CMS 6 R2

Just a list of small things noted while working with the latest release.

  • Page Folder is not default for File Manager. Message change from “Save” to “Create page folder” when a page folder does not exist.
  • Simple address fixed – Works with and without trailing slash.
  • Help documentation is not local anymore but is moved to
  • New Gadget: Visitor Group Statistics
  • jQuery plugins that uses size of elements (like carousel, equal height) now works in Preview Frame
  • Background Job in edit mode: Copy/Paste and Empty Wastebasket
  • New class BackgroundJobHelper for your own stuff.
  • Export and Import Data Tool can handle Visitor Group definitions.
  • EPiServer.config – virtualRoles tag is moved to EPiServerFramwork.config!
  • Dojo JavaScript library included in EPiServer Framework. Used in OnlineCenter and VisitorGroups.
  • jQuery-ui replaced with dijit.
  • web.config: Shell Module configuration has a new setting to register dojo modules.

  <add name="dojo"